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OP06 JP One Piece Twin Champions LIVE

OP06 JP One Piece Twin Champions LIVE

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The Bandai One Piece Card Game Twin Champions OP-06 24-Pack Box offers an excellent opportunity to infuse the thrill of the One Piece world into your card gaming experience. Prepare for spirited competition with this collection of 24 card packs, adorned with beloved characters from the acclaimed anime series. Immerse yourself in countless hours of gaming enjoyment and strive to attain the esteemed title of a genuine Twin Champion!

  • Total of 125 cards + 1
  • 1 Pack: 6 cards
  • Leader: 6 types, Common: 45 types, Uncommon: 30 types, Rare: 26 types, Super Rare: 10 types, Secret Rare: 2 types, Special: 6 types, Don!! Card: 1 type
  • This product includes parallel cards.
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